Barcelona:San Francisco (1:1)

New family member for Barcelona- sister city San Francisco

Since 2010 Barcelona and San Francisco are twin cities and colloborate together in terms of culture, innovation and economic. Barcelona Picturesanfrancisco Pic 1, Pic 2 San Francisco and Barcelona are both important cities which are seen as modern and economically strong in their region. For this reason it was a good choice to combine somehow this two cities altough they are so far away from each other. The aim of this "fusion" and the establishment of a sister city relationship, is to father existing collaborative ties between the two cities as well as to cultivate new economic, scientific, and cultural exchanges in future. The Councillor for the Mayor's Office, Ignasi Cardelús, was in San Francisco in 2010 for the official signing of the agreement between that American city and Barcelona. Under the agreement he and the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newson, signed, Barcelona and San Francisco undertake to strengthen their collaboration in the area of innovation, leadership and social transformation, as well as to promote economic, scientific and cultural exchanges. As Cardelús himself said, "Barcelona and San Francisco have a lot of projects in common as regards civil rights, transport policy, infrastructures, new industry, technology, education and universities". Thanks to a civic committee made up from the business world, universities and arts in San Francisco the first step for this arrangement were done. But also from Barcelona's side there were some interest for this relationship. The Association of Friends of Gaspar de Portolà in Barcelona worked for years to bring these cities closer together. Furthermore some new agreements between Catalan universities and cooperation between the ports of these cities were planed. Both cities are now enjoying the stronger relationship and work cooperatively in terms of trade, tourism and business. But another advantage of this agreement was, of course, also to made to help to strenghten ties between the poeple of Barcelona and San Francisco. For our friends who are coming from San Francisco we are offering comfortable apartements in Barcelona. vistaprincipal_b(1)
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