Best period to visit Barcelona

Full beaches, too hot weather, too much rain, - which month for Barcelona?

We all know the problem of visiting big touristic cities; there is always something we do not like. We will tell you in which period and month you should come to Barcelona. Barcelona-Spain Winter November until March are not very recommendable months to visit Barcelona when you want to enjoy the whole beauty of the city. The temperature is about 10 degree Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) but it never getting really cold in comparison to other European cities. Very rarely there can be snow but it melts during one day normally. The biggest problem of the season is the plentiful rain which can destroy your whole stay in Barcelona. You will not see anything from the city when you are in the Par Guell because it will be too cloudy. Spring From the end of April until end of May you can enjoy one of the best seasons of Barcelona’s weather. It is not so crowded so you can easily visit all the sightseeing things in town without any problems. Also in terms of weather you can enjoy mild temperatures which allow you to make to walks along the beach and see the whole city in "summer-like" clothes. Summer In the middle of June the water of the Mediterranean Sea becomes agreeable for everyone to swim and you still the "empty city". July and August are the days we recommend the less. Normally all hotels and apartments are booked out fast and there are a lot of tourist in front of the monuments and touristic areas. In terms of weather the summer can be too hot and not comfortable. This is why all tourists are lying on the sea side and blocking the whole beach. Also the prices are higher than in the other seasons of the year. Autumn Like the spring it the best time to come to visit Barcelona. September and October are the months where you can profit the most. The real touristic season is over and the city is "normal" again. Thanks to the hot weather in the previous months the water is still warm in October and November to swim. Also the prices are getting stable again. The temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius (70 Fahrenheit). welcome_to_barcelona_autumn In terms of Festivals and night-life we will recommend you to come in the spring until June because there are a lot of important festivals in the city which allows to see something really Spanish. But also in September there are some festivals to enjoy. So all in all it is up to you when you want to come to Barcelona: Spring or autumn! Enjoy and see you.
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