Xampanyeria “Can Paixano” – a MUST when in Barcelona

Ok guys, you already know about my favourite pizza place in Barcelona.. now it’s time to have some drinks in one of the amazing bars in BARcelona!! What do you think about self-made cava (Catalonians champagne) and some chorizo, Manchego cheese and spanish sausages. It’s actually always the same when I tell people to go there and give them the direction. When I meet them again, I always hear.. Can paixano “Yeah and then we walked down to the port, into Carrer de la Reina Cristina.. we didn’t see anything which looked liked that place u were talking about.. just some random shops with watches and stuff.. and THEN we looked to the left.. a bar, completely packed, ham was hanging on the ceiling, we smelled the sandwiches already outside on the street and the glasses of cava, standing on the bar, seemed like calling us” Honestly.. it’s always something like that. well. let’s get a bit more into the details. The Xampanyeria Bar Barcelona was founded in 1969.. so I already heard my uncle talking about his visit there in 1985. He was extremely excited when I told him that I go there every week now since I live here in Barcelona. Can Paixano has still the atmosphere of a traditional sailors tavern. You won’t find any seats.. no.. everybody is standing, handing glasses of cava over heads to friends and eating these amazing bocadillos and tapas they are offering there. You are not getting “any” cava there.. the 4 kinds offered are self-made and very very tasty. I do prefer the Rosat, which costs just 0.95 € a glass (the “most expensive” is 1.45 €, I think). They never serve you the first glass of cava there unless you also order something to eat (just for the first glass) - which is good, because everybody should try the bocadillos (spanish for “sandwiches”) they serve there. You can choose between hot (melted cheese and bacon, chorizo etc.) and cold ones (ham, salmon, cheese etc.) and as well plates with manchego cheese, ham or pieces of hot Spanish sausages. Also the food is really cheap – I love the bocadillo with chorizo and it’s just 1.80 €. When you go there before 5pm they also serve bottles, which start at 4.60 €. You will also find a little shop at the back of the bar, where you can buy bottles to take home (bottles start at 2.30 €) It’s always pretty packed in this bar in Barcelona ..but don’t get scared..haha..you will find Spanish and catalan people drinking their cava next to Barcelona Erasmus students and people from all over the world – it’s a really nice atmosphere there and you always meet new people. So guys, what are you waiting for? Go there, have some glasses and after that you can hang out a bit under the palmtrees at the amazing port of Barcelona – that’s how we do it here! The best is to go there at 8ish for a little pregame before partying, because they close at 10.30pm. Here is the complete address: Can Paixano Carrer de la Reina Cristina 7 08003 Barcelona Metro: Barceloneta (Line 4)
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