El Jardí bar – Oasis in the center of Gotico

We all love the Barrio Gotico - FACT!

This time we want to share an amazing spot where you cool down in the shades of the trees and enjoy  having a cerveza: El Jardí Bar Beautiful small streets, ancient building, nice little squares and many many things to see and do. But well.. being honest, sometimes it can get quite stressfull there, first of all when you are not used to all the hustle and bustle of a big city. Escaping is not that easy.. the chiringuitos at the beach seem way too far away and all the terraces on the squares are packed as well. But.. we found an amazing spot for you - directly in the old town of the city - where you can cool down in the shades of the trees and enjoy some minutes of (relatively) silence while having a cerveza.


El Jardí bar (el Camello) in Carrer Portaferrissa, just off of Las Ramblas and the Cathedral, is a tree-frocked oasis (no it's not a Fata Morgana) offering you: a good coffee or cerveza Inside the Jardi Bar in Gothic quarter accompanied by a sandwich, birdsong and church bells instead of traffic, TV, slot machines and music. It is a great place to hang out after some hours of discovering the treasures of Barcelona, have a chat with your friends or to bring your laptop and surf the web (there is free WiFi - don't be shy and just ask for the passwort).


Speaking of surfing.. the very nice owner of El Jardí bar decorated the place with old windsurfing board, being an expert windsurfer. Maybe he will reveal you some cool spots.. Well, El Jardí bar is quite a secret at town since it's a little bit hidden. When you get to Portaferrissa 17 you will see a a market called "El Mercadillo", a shop selling alternative clothes and accessories. Walk all the way through and go up the stars located at the very back. I can't even give you a website, since they don't have one, but here is the Facebook of El Jardí Bar. Prices: reasonable, Sandwiches for around 3 €, Draft Beer 2.40 €, Mojito 5 € Address: Carrer de la Portaferrissa 17 (between Ramblas and Cathedral) open: Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 21:00 In case you want to stay in Barcelona and want to be near Jardí bar (el Camelllo) area, you may search in Apartments Barcelona. For more interesting information and places to visit take a look of the Main Sights credits pics: #1, #2 And then if you feel encourage to continue with some wine and music, we recommend you to go to Spanish Guitar in the heart of Barcelona. Every Every Friday, Saturday and Tuesday at 9pm you get the chance to enjoy a concert in warm and intimate atmosphere in the Santa Anna church.
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