Festes de la Mercè 2012

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You thought the summer is over? You are wrong! In a couple of days the most important festival of Barcelona, “Festes de la Mercè” starts and will show you again that the Catalans know how to celebrate life, the summer and Barcelonas Patron Saint Mercè. fiesta_merce This festival, for which we are waiting already the whole summer, will be held from 21st to 24th of September (every day from 11 until around 4 in the morning) in the city center of Barcelona - this time Montreal, Canada will be the guest city. The center will be full of celebrations that bring together folkloric elements of the Catalan traditions with dances, music, street art, fireworks and sporting events – the city organized over 600 (mostly free) activities for young and old. The most important performances for the Festa Mayor de la Mercè are: The Mercè Ride with participants from all over Catalonia, castellers (or human towers), the Sardana (typical Catalan dance), the correfoc (groups of people from the community dressed as demons running through the streets with firecrackers and fireworks in hand) and the parade of the Giants. feste-merce-barcelona-correfoc One very special highlight will be the Sagrada Familia: designers from the Montreal have created a light and music show in tribute to Antoni Gaudí. This will be one of the Must-See’s of the Festival. Apart from that there will be a massive Karaoke set up in Park de la Ciutadella – so start tuning your voice ;-)

Also a lot of concerts with artists from the U.K., the States, Guatemala, Catalunya and France will take place – presenting you a wide range of different styles of music. To name some of the bands:  Love of Lesbian, La Iaia aaaaand… get ready: THE KOOKS!!

Fiestas-de-la-Merce-Barcelona The main venues will be: Plaza Reial, Plaza del Angels, Plaza Sant Jaume, Park de la Ciutadella, Antiga Fábrica d’Estrella Damm, Plaza de Mercè and the square in front of the Cathedral. But you will see people celebrating and different activities all over the city center of Barcelona. If you are in Barcelona at this time, don not miss this great opportunity to join THE festival of the festivals in Barcelona and enjoy this unique experience in our wonderful city. In this video you will can see the incredible visuals projections during the Festival de la Mercé 2011 on the Ajuntamiento in Plaza de Sant Jaume.   Here you can find apartments in Barcelona for your stay. Credits Pics: Castellers  Fireworks Fountain
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