Fiesta Major de Gràcia


[This is a nice overview of some moments of Festa de Gràcia 2012, happening right now.] If you are walking around in Gràcia Barcelona these days and notice something weird, don't mind at all! The entire neighbourhood is looking forward the most exciting party in summer time: la Fiesta Major de Gràcia, an open air celebration taking place in streets and squares of Gracia for a week, from 15th to 21st of August 2012.

la-fiesta-major-de-graciaFESTA DE GRÀCIA: STREET DECORATION

Can you imagine a 7 days open air no-stop free party with all kind of activities for all age people, at any time of the day and the night, attended by the whole city and really loved by lucky tourists who are in Barcelona during that period?

fiesta-major-gracia-barcelonaLOOKING OVER YOUR HEAD

This is actually the Carnival of Barcelona: a week full of concerts, shows, parades, traditions, fireworks where you will enjoy until morning, dancing, drinking and tasting traditional food

festa-major-de-graciaIN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARTY

Well: first time I was there, actually I was a tourist, visiting Barcelona for a large month, in August. Some local friends, over the 15th, told me: "You absolutely have to go to the Fiesta de Gràcia!" and I went. I still remember the feeling of entering a magic world, made of crazy colours, happy musics and dreamy shapes. Moreover, I remember the lights.

fiesta-major-de-gracia-2012... THE LIGHTS!

The greatest aspect of this party are exactly its street decorations: Gracia's streets and squares play a really strong competion every summer. During the whole year they hardly prepare for the Fiesta Major. Recycling any kind of  materials with creative porpuses, people from the local committees are able to design amazing landscapes: believe me, for few days Gracia looks like a fantasy world and you can feel as Alice in Wonderland.

After many years from that first experience, now I am living just in the heart of Gracia, in one of the most competitive street of the area: since few weeks, every weekend, my neighbors close the streets, and stand there with tables, chairs, food and, obviously, all tools for cutting, painting, building and assembling the decorations. What they are creating... is absolutely secret!

fiesta-major-gracia-barcelona-2012MY STREET DECORATED DURING PAST EDITION

Anyway the opening day is coming, and we will soon discover what is going on under the Gracia's skies. 

Sleeping will be impossible for a week :( ... But when you are in the Wonderland... doesn't matter, does it? :)

Festa Major de Gracia 2012 Program Map Looking for apartments Gracia Barcelona?

Here we go, in the middle of the party. Festa de Gracia 2012:

credits pics: Diana di Nuzzo / Festa Major de Gracia / 

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