Fiestas de Gracia in Barcelona

Colourful Catalan summer festival in Barcelona

La Fiesta Mayor de Gracia or just Fiestas de Gracia, is an exciting party which takes place once in a year in the area of Gracia. gracia fiestas It derives from a village of artisans, workers and small traders in the nineteenth century. In the past it was a small event in the neighborhood village and was unknown in this region and in Barcelona. Now Fiestas de Gracia is celebrated for the 197th time and it is a very popular and amazing event for locals and tourists in Barcelona. Especially for tourists it is a good opportunity to understand the Catalan culture and their habits. In addition everything is for free. In this week you can enjoy exhibitions, children's activities, workshops, sports, parades, exhibitions of different artists, dance, theater and more. At the Plaza del Sol and Plaza Rius i Taulet you can listen to concerts of jazz, rock, and also classical music. Enjoy also the traditional food which will be provided on these days in these areas. The best time to visit the Gracia area is in the evening from about 8 pm when it starts getting dark because later the lights on the streets will be turned on and you will not have the same effect of the decoration like in the darkness. The decoration of the streets, terraces and balconies is taken very seriously of the locals. Often they plan months before how to present proudly their own decoration. At the end there is a competition for the best balcony decoration and the best street decoration of the year. It is always a secret which theme will be presented every year. Let's be curious how they will surprise us is this year. This year from the 15- 21 August Barelona expects thousands of people for this colorful festival. Even though the concerts end at 2 am, every year the party goes on in other places until the morning. At the end of the article you will see on the map where Gracia and the parties are located. Do want to enjoy this festival in Barcelona on those days? Just go to and book your apartment. We provide beautiful apartments close to Gracia.
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