Ice Bar Barcelona

Barcelona - a city at the Mediterranean Sea with palm trees and beaches and a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius in summer. Can you imagine that there is a bar completely made out of ice there? No? We neither! Therefore we had to go and check after we have heard about it. ice_bar_barcelonaThe Ice Bar is located directly at the beach front next to the Olympic Port in the area of Vila Olimpica and opened in 2007. Over the years it became a classic of Barcelona and is frequented no just by tourists - also the locals the Ice Bar, which is a perfect place to enjoy a very special experience. The bar is completely made out of ice  - the walls, the furniture, the bar and also the glasses. The temperature in the bar is permanently -5° C, but no worries, you don't have to bring your winter clothes. As you enter the bar , the team will provide you fur coats and gloves. And after getting dressed properly for the cold, you can enjoy a drink and admire the amazing ice sculptures which were inspired by Catalonia's Art Nouveau. ice_barAfter your visit of the inside, you can relax on the terrace at the beach front watching the Mediterranean sea and enjoying the sun on your face. Doesn't that sound like a great and special experience? For 15 € you get to visit this breath taking bar, the coat and gloves and a cocktail, beer or juice. Note: Check for some flyers of the Ice Bar - with some you get 1 € discount. open: every day from 12:00 to 02:30 Are you searching for a holiday apartments in Barcelona? Have a look at Habitat Apartments. icebarcelona Ramón Trias Fargas y Pg. Maritim de la Barceloneta Access from the beach front Metro: Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica Credits Pics: Ice Bar Facebook page 
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