Le Cyrano Bar

Le Cyrano – probably the best self-service in the world I am pretty sure that you have never been to a bar like this before..

Have you ever gotten angry about the mix ratio in bars? Can you remember the last time you paid around 8 € for a longdrink and all you got was 20% ice cubes, 10% rum and 70% coke? This won’t happen if you go to the bar I want to introduce today: Le Cyrano.

Have you ever poured your drinks on your own in a bar? – No?! Then it will be the first time for you here! I will give you a short instruction manual for your pregame in Le Cyrano:

#1: Arrive early!! This place opens at 11pm and.. I am not kidding.. BE THERE at 11pm. Within half an hour it will be jam-packed #2: When you arrived early enough you will have a place to sit ;) #3: Tell the bartender at the bar which drinks you want. #4: The bartender will give you a BOTTLE of the spirit you ordered (YES, you get a bottle of gin, vodka, rum or whatever you ordered) #5: You are pouring, it’s ABSOLUTELY up to you how much or little you pour into the provided glass. After you finished you return the bottle to the bartender. #6: Pay not more than 5 € and be happy :) #7: Grab some free popcorn #8: Make sure that you get home somehow ;)

I think I don’t have to say anything more about this place,huh? So..if you wanna have a great night with your friends, cheap AND tasty drinks and free popcorn, I’ll see you in Le Cyrano!

Le Cyrano Carrer d’Aribau 154 08036 Barcelona

Open: THU, FRI and SAT from 11pm

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5 Responses to Le Cyrano Bar

  1. ouija board says:

    “If there was an alien invasion, what would you do to stop them from eating your faces?” Liam: I’d feed them pizza, because pizza’s nicer.

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  3. Love your post, just wondering have you ever been to florida?

    • Julia Kasehage says:

      Hey Omar, no I have never been there.. but it is on my list! Do they have a similar bar there?

      Saludos desde Barcelona!

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