Lost and Found in Barcelona

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Welcome to Barcelona, welcome to one of the most creative cities in Europe. Museums of some of the most famous artists can be found here, such as Picasso and Miró. But in our new section "Lost and Found in Barcelona" we don't want to present you these sights of Barcelona ... we want to take you on a little journey through the streets, parks, galleries and to places which are not primary to be found in the tourist guides of Barcelona. Barcelona has much more to offer.. experience the variety of art: finding almost every day amazing pieces of Street Art (there are even guided tours offered), seeing impressive street bands in Park Güell and people dancing on Plaza Real.. watching Yoga and Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art which combines elements of dance and music) classes or the best flair bar tenders during their training in the Parc de la Ciutadella. We want to show you our Barcelona - are you ready? piano barcelona A Piano in the middle of Parc de la Ciutadella? Weird, hm?! "Play me, I'm yours!" was the slogan of one of the coolest and most engaging public art and music displays happening in Barcelona. For the International Music Competition Maria Canals one of the participants, Luke Jerram, decided to put over twenty pianos on Barcelona's streets, squares and in its parks  - available for anyone to play at anytime. The project was a great success and we have even seen some business men on their way home, having a seat in front of the piano and playing for us - some even singing :) Apartments in Barcelona Areas of Barcelona What to do in Barcelona pic seen on www.orangepolkadot.com
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