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In the times of smartphones, apps and sometimes even free WiFi in cities - like in many places in Barcelona ;) - why not using some very helpful apps to make your stay easier?! Our very popular local resident and visitor guide "Barcelona Connect" is presenting this month 10 of the most useful apps for your stay in Barcelona. We checked them and want to introduce you to our favourites. Around Me BarcelonaAround Me Don't waste any of your precious holiday time any more with walking around searching for the next pharmacy, bank, hospital, ATM and so on. Around Me shows you several categories from which you can choose and presents you the results in a list (with distance from you in meters) or as a map. It also shows you phone number for restaurants etc and there is a possibilty to make a reservation with Around Me. Result: The perfect app for finding basic amenities in Barcelona. El Tiempo Having the whole year quite decent weather in Barcelona, most of the locals don't really use any weather apps. But if you just spend a couple of days in the city, you want to make the most of your trip. Sunny days = nice outdoor activities, rainy days = visiting museums. El Tiempo has an hourly weather forecast and allows you to plan your time spent outdoors in an easy way. Result: If you check El Tiempo, you probably don't need to carry around an umbrella ;) Metro BarcelonaGoogle Translate If you don't have any idea of Spanish and/or Catalan at all, Google Translate is very helpful. Check out what is on the Menu del Día, understand what your new spanish friends wrote in their SMS or just ask someone on the street where they would go for shopping. And the best thing: You can even listen to an audio version by clicking on the little microphone-button in the app, so you make sure that your pronunciation is not completely hilarious ;) Result: This is the ideal app to break the language barrier Barcelona Subway (0,79 €  - but worth it ) If you plan on using the public transportation system in Barcelona, you should definitely get this app, which includes the latest official map of the Barcelona Metro. Plan your trip around the city by Metro, tram and FGC, figure out where is the nearest Metro station, check the stations of each line in the app and never get lost. Result: A Must-Have for Barcelona Searching for apartments in Barcelona?
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