Made in Barcelona

Plaza_de_sant_felip_neri Windy and narrow streets, hidden squares, beautiful roman walls, breath taking architecture and this special magic in the air - this is the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Not a surprise that a lot of movies and music videos were made here. Today I want to present you one of the music videos, which was made in Barcelona in 2003 in the (for me) most beautiful and at the same time most hidden square Barcelona has to offer: Plaza de Sant Felip Neri. This square in the heart of Barcelonas Gothic Quarter was built on the grounds of a cemetery and has an awful tragic past: 42 people died here, the majority children, by the action of the fascist aviation on the 30th of January, 1938. The band "Evanescence" decided to use this square as a location for the video of the famous song "My Immortal". Have a look at the video and don't forget visiting Plaza de Sant Felip Neri on your trip to Barcelona. Have a look here how to get there. Are you searching for an apartment in Barcelona for your stay? Check Habitat Apartments! Credits Pic:
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