Montjuïc Cemetery



There are places in our cities with a special fascination, something mystical and indescribable you can only percibe when walking there.

One of the most charming places in the whole Barcelona is Montjuïc Cemetery. People who are used to visit monumental cemeteries in big cities know how impressive they could be: do you remember Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris or Highgate Cemetery in London? Well, I was in love with both of them, but here in Barcelona I discovered a place that exceeds their beauty: Montjuïc Cemetery, El Cementerio de Montjuïc.


Maybe for its location overlooking the sea, for the absurd mixture of its architectures, for the sad and together peaceful power of its statues: here, on the top of the hill, far from the crowded Barcelona, time passes at a different pace and the eye is drawn into concentic dimensions. We normally went up here to visit the Montjuïc Castle, without taking in cout the south-west cost of the hill.

The whole area is massive: it covers a surface area of 56 hectares on the seaward side of Montjuïc Hill at the gateway to Barcelona. Designed by Leandro Albareda and opened in 1883, the cemetery born as a huge necropolis replicating the layout of Barcelona’s Eixample district. Many eminent Barcelona personalities –revolutionaries, utopians, aristicrats and conservatives– are buried here, including Ildefons Cerdà and Joan Miró. The richest families who built their modernista houses, also commisioned their mausoleums here.


If you are interested in discovering a not usual-crowded corner of Barcelona, take a free afternoon (Montjuïc Cemetery is big), get on the BUS and enjoy a walk through this haven of peace, architecture, panoramic views and nature.

Address: Mare de Déu del Port, s/n Phone: 934 841 999 How to get there: Bus 21, 23, 37, 107, 109 and 193 from Plaza de Espanya Web site:
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