Museu de Xocolata – Chocolate museum Barcelona

There are many museums in Barcelona.. you can admire works from Picasso, Miro, Dali and other famous artists.. but there is one museum without doubt the sweetest in town: Museu de Xocolata, Barcelona's chocolate museum museu_xocolataThe museum is located in the former Sant Agustí monastery in the very authentic neigbourhood El Borne and takes you on a journey through the origins of chocolate, its arrival in Europe and its spread as an element between myth and reality, its medicinal properties and nutritional value, relating tradition with the future and forming part of our collective imagination. You will get to know all about the process of making chocolate, the ingredients and also a lot of thrilling and interesting facts about the brown gold which makes people all over the world so happy. Museu_de_xocolateThe chocolate museum allows visitors to experience and interact, with all their senses, with the products in order to awaken the sensitivity and the creativity of the participants. And yes.. for sure you will also get the chance to try some chocolate there ;) The chocolate museum also offers special tours, such as a guided tour and afterwards you will get the possibility to make some chocolate lollipops - different kinds of chocolate and special combinations of spices, fresh fruits and nuts. Or try "Xocolating"! This is an activity, which will help you to enter the world of chocolate confectionery. Making different products (bars, lollipops and chocolates) using various techniques is crucial for entering the world of cocoa and understanding the basis of this special "food" (I actually wouldn't call chocolate simply "food" ;)) . The "Xocolating" consists of a guided tour first and then a special course. It lasts 2-2,5 hours and costs 65 € for two people. In case you are interested, please make a reservation in advance by sending an e-mail to museodelaxocolataThe Chocolate Museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and from 10am to 3pm on Sundays and public holidays. By the way.. as a client of Habitat Apartments you get 10 % off of the entrance for the Museu de Xocolata and also discounts for a lot of other places in Barcelona. Have a look at the Habitat apartments in Barcelona! Museu de Xocolata Carrer Comerç, 36 08003 Barcelona Metro: L1 to "Arc de Triomf" or L4 to "Jaume I" Credits Pics: Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3
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