Nit de foc – Barcelona on fire

Catalunians getting loco

Barcelona, 23th of June, Million of people, fireworks and a big party - welcome to Saint John's or Nit de foc, an amazing catalunian festival. barcelona, Sant Joan, festival, 23th June, spain, midsummer festival, bonfire, Catalunya, fireworks in Spain, Nit de foc Pic 1 Saint John's Festival is the Spain's and specially Barcelona's midsummer celebration festival. The Saint John's festival has many names but in Catalonia it is most often called the "Nit de Sant Joan" which means St John's Night. Every year spanish people are celebrating this festival during the day and night. Especially in Catalan-speaking areas this festival is seen as the Catalan nation day.

How it is celebrated

It's tradition is that people are coming together with any kind of wood and drink hot chocolate together. Kids and teenagers are jumping around the fire and have fun all the day long. There is no organized programme for the Sant Joan celebrations in Barcelona. Sant Joan events in Barcelona are organized locally by the districts and civic centres of Barcelona and people just celebrate the evening on their own. But the most crowded place during this festival is on the beaches of Barcelona. Lst time there were about 75.000 people. The day after the Nit de Sant Joan is a public holiday, so the party goes on until the morning. A traditional schedule for the day could look like this: 23th June at 21:00 people are meeting to follow the International Folklore Parade. At 00:00 La Palmera (fireworks) is taking place since it is already dark. At around 01:00 follows La Crema which is another highlight during this night. After this people are going to clubs and bars to have fun during the whole night. If you want to know the best places to stay during the night just check up the following page: On the video you can see how it was in 2012.  
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