Panorama view: Turó de la Rovira

turo_de_rovira This spot, I am going to present you today, is one of the best and most unknown in Barcelona. You barely meet tourists here - and even most of the people living in Barcelona have no idea that this wonderful spot exists. You get exactly there the best 360° view of the wonderful city of Barcelona. THE BEST SPOT for taking some unique panorama pictures of the city. Sure, the Tibidabo and Montjuic are nice as well - but do you wanna share such a place with hundreds of tourists? I am talking about an anti-aircraft-battery, which was built on the mountain of "Turó de la Rovira" in 1937 during the Civil War. When Barcelona lost the war and the fascists were entering the city, the battery got destroyed to make it inoperable. antiaircraft_battery_roviraFor a long time, no one cared about the destroyed battery, but in the 50's immigrants started building their little houses in the slopes of the mountain and also on the battery. In the year 1984 the city of Barcelona wanted to change the situation and provided apartments, so the immigrants left the battery and the mountain. In the past couple of years the government decided to restore the battery and protect it because of the great historical value - so they began to restaurate it. Now you can find there paths, signs and some information regarding the history of the site. panoramic_view_barcelonaIf you wan't to see Barcelona from a cool spot, this is the place to go! :) Where? close to Park Güell, you take the Bus 24 until "Ctra Carmel/Mühlberg" and then walk the street up to the right, go straight left and walk up the path to the top When? Anytime you want - at night time it's really impressive :) Searching for apartments in Barcelona? Pics: ©
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