Playa Montgat – beach paradise in Barcelona

Finding the balance in a big city!

Silence + beautiful view + beach volleybal + ice cream = Playa Montgat. Playa Montgat - beach next to Barcelona Pic credit Today we show you how you can really relax in a vivid city like Barcelona. Try to find a shelter in a beach area which is just 20 mins away from the city center. After shoppping and sightseeing it is a good opportunity to calm down again. Playa Montgat is 2,5 km long and offers all you need for a beach day: repose, nature and catering. Repose you get on this beautiful beach because it is not so crowded and tight. You will not feel hemmed by a lot of people who are lying with their towels next to you. In addition the beach is not used as a street market with shouting sellers who try to sell beer and other things. You can buy everything in the cafes which are located at the beach. You will feel the nature essentially thanks to the water quality in Montgat. It is cleaner than the water in the city and it will give you an amazing refreshment. Also the sand is like powder and it is very comfortable to walk on it. After taking a bath you can clean the salt from your skin thanks to the provided showers. Besides, your eyes will relax from all the sensations of the city. You can look very far and sense the endness of the sea. Cafes and Bars are situated at the beach and serve all you want. You can have lunch, a cafe break or coctails. Playa Montgat Barcelona relaxing at the beach Pic credit If you want to explore this beautiful beach it is the best way to take the train from Plaza Catalunya in the direction of Montgat Nord. We can help you to find the perfect mix between a beach and a city stay. We offer a range of nice apartments next to Plaza Catalunya which allows you to profit from the city center and the perfect connection to Playa Montgat.
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