Sant Jordi´s day in Catalonia

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Next April 23rd is the Barcelona's Valentine's day

Sant Jordi´s day in Barcelona
Picture by: Juliana Aristizabal

sant jordi´s day


Get ready for this day, the Barcelona's Valentine's day, one of the most amazing events that you will live during your stay in Barcelona.

Sant Jordi´s (Saint George's) day is a romantic, friendly, colorful, playful and sweet day where lovers live a burst of love and sentimentalism. Even if you don’t have a “special” someone, this day will be marvelous and we are going to explain you what makes this day so special.

First, the 23rd of April the Catalans celebrate the Sant Jordi’s day, Patron Saint of Catalonia. In addition, they celebrate the day of rose and the day of book where Men gave women roses and women give men a good book to celebrate the occasion.

Second, on April 23rd the day of International Book Day is celebrated (both Cervantes and Shakespeare died on april 23rd in 1616).

Sant Jordi Barcelona
Picture by: Juliana Aristizabal

saint george day barcelona

And third, the memory of a legend. But what is this legend about? To understand a little bit what this day is about, you should know the famous myth about one dragon, one princess and of course one knight.

About the Dragon and the Princess

The story goes more or less this way: - Once upon a time in a village called Montblanc, one Dragon frightened all town eating first all of their animals, and when it was over with the animals, it decided to start eating the residents. One day the King’s daughter was chosen for the evil dragon… but do not worry... Now is when the hero appears, Saint George killed the dragon with his sword and saved the princess. From the dead body of the dragon broke out a beautiful red rose … Saint George took it and gave it to his princess.

The legend of St. George was written in the thirteenth century by Jacobus de Voragine in his famous work "The Golden Legend."

saint george day Catalonia

What to do this day:

-Take a walk through Gracia, Passeig de Gracia and Las Ramblas, as well as all over the city, hundreds of flowers and books are selling.

-Take some time to see the sardana, a typical dance performed in Plaça Sant Jaume, while the Generalitat opens its doors to the public.

-Go to the Barri Gotic,  theres stages set up and free concerts.

-Eat the traditionally coca, a sort of cake, is eaten on this day.  It can be found in any local bakery and purchased by the slice or the loaf. 

The Sant Jordi´s day in Barcelona
Picture by: Juliana Aristizabal

Here is a video from the Sardanas, check it out! it is really cool!


So bring someone you love dearly to Barcelona on friday 23rd April!

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