Dia de Sant Jordi 2013 in Barcelona

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Enjoy Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona

Tomorrow, the 23rd of April, one of the most amazing events in Barcelona will take. You would probably call it some kind of Valentine's Day (like I do.. secretly), but it actually is the Dia de Sant Jordi. But what exactly is actually this Dia de Sant Jordi? Día-de-Sant-Jordi-Barcelona-2013Sant Jordi is the Patron Saint of Catlonia and was a romantic knight, who saved a loooong time ago a princess from being killed by a mean dragon. There are many legends about him but the most popular one decribes how a dragon terrifies a village and to appease him, the people started sacrificing lambs and other animals. After some time the dragon wasn't satisfied with this anymore and asked for more. So the people in the villlage started sacrificing their virgin daugthers. On day the princess of the country met this fate. And this was the situation when Jordi appeared - he killed the dragon, saved the village and freed the princess. Needless to say that the princess fell in love with him. Jordi gave the princess a rose and they were riding away on a white horse. So this is how this day got its name and importance for lovers. Dia_de_sant_jordi_barcelonaAnd why books? Not so long ago, in 1923, a very smart bookseller started to promote the 23rd of April as a day to honor two of the most famous men of literature: Miguel de Cervantes, the most famous writer Spains and William Shakespeare from Great Britain. Both of them died on the 23rd of April 1616. The bookseller did such a great job that Spain declared 3 years later the 23rd of April as the Day of the Book, which coincided with the Day of Sant Jordi. In 1995 even the UNESCO ceclared the 23rd of April as the World Book Day to acknowledge the contribution of knowledge throughout the world through books. So what is celebrated? A young and brave man killing a dragon and saving the princess and two of the most famous writers. Love and Literature - and exactly this is what people give tomorrow to eachother: a rose for love (usually given from men to women) and a book for culture (given from women to men). Everywhere you will see stands selling roses and books and couples wandering around hand in hand, transforming Las Ramblas into an Avenue of Love. barcelona_Sant_JordiWhat to do tomorrow? Well, take your loved one and have a walk through the city, where hundreds of flowers and books are being sold. Walk over to Plaza Sant Jaume and watch the Sardana, a typical catalan dance. And when you are already there, visit the Generalitat, which opens its doors to the public tomorrow for free, showing you huge displays of roses to honor Sant Jordi. In the whole Barrio Gotic, there will be a lot going on: stages are set up and free concerts take place. And one thing you also shouldn't miss is eating the traditional coca, a sort of cake, which can be found in any local bakery and purchased by slice or the whole loaf. Enjoy this special day tomorrow and don't forget to get a rose or a book :) And just in case you are looking for a nice place to stay during your holiday check Apartments in Barelona and for more information about this magic city visit Main Sights in Barcelona. credits pics: #1, #2, #3
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