Songs made in Barcelona

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Els_catarresAfter our first "Made in Barcelona" song, which was Evanescence with "My Immortal" on Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, we have another one for you: The catalan band Els Catarres with the song "Jenifer". The song itself is in catalan, but we searched for the version with spanish subtitles for you ;) So exercise your spanish a bit ;) The video was made in great locations all over the city.. the blocks at Barceloneta beach, Plaza del Rei, Plaza de Sant Jaume, Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, Arc de Triomf, Park de la Ciutadella, Las Ramblas and El Borne. Ooohhhhh Jennniiiiifeeer....ENJOY :) Searching for apartments in Barcelona? Credits Pics:
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