Sor Rita – Kitsch Style Bar in Barcelona

Today I am going to present you this.. a little bit "different" bar close to the Port in Barcelona, located in the Carrer de la Mercé. Sor_Rita_bar_barcelona Sor Rita - a bar completely in kitsch style, with leopard rugs, wigs, heels, barbie lamps dressing room mirros, you will feel like in a scene of Pedro Almodóvar ... or so they claim. You can even try on their wigs to check how you look like with brown, blonde, black or red hair.. or just to take some hilarious pictures - like I do when I am there ;) And the sound? Funny music memories like Paloma San Basilio, Camilo Sesto, Rafaella Carra, Marisol, Patty Pravo, Supremes, Ronettes, Abba, Boney M., Elvis Presley and many more. Sor Rita also offers some special "events":Sor_rita_bar Monday Cocktail and Tarot - every Monday from 21:00 to 24:00 one cocktail and 30 mins Tarot for 10 € Tuesday Buffet libre - every Tuesday from 20:00 to 23:00 one drink (wine, beer, cava or Martini) and buffet libre with cous cous, pasta salad, lentils salad, hummus, bread with tomato, montaditos, fuet, chorizo and much more for just 5 € Wednesday Karaoke - every Wednesday you can show yout talent in the Sor Rita from 20:00 to 23:00 Thursday Gin - every Thursday from 19:00 on you get Tanqueray, Beefeater, Bombay and Segrams for just 4,50 €, Bombay Saphire for 5 € and Hendrick's (my favourite) for 6 € Don't miss this very original bar in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, which is open daily from 19:00. Are you searching for Apartments in Barcelona? Check Habitat Apartments, offering apartment of every size and price. Sor Rita Carrer de la Mercé 27 Barcelona Metro: Jaume I Credits Pics: Homepage of Sor Rita
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