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El Poble Espanyol – Barcelona

The Poble Espanyol - translated: “The Spanish People” - is located down south in Barcelona, close to the famous hill Montjuïc with its Magic Fountain. It is a very quiet and peaceful village in Barcelona, which has been built in 1929 in order to represent Spain’s architecture and cultural diversity. Little streets with narrow houses, beautiful squares and detailed facades make the small village unique and authentic. poble espanyol The Poble Espanyol is probably one of the most famous and also one of the biggest attractions in Barcelona, thanks to its unique offers. In Poble Espanyol, one can see contemporary art as well as beautiful architecture and craftsmanship. Furthermore, it offers excellent cuisine which can be tried on the terraces of some very nice, typically Spanish restaurants. Concerning craftsmanship, it can be said that more than 30 artisans are based inside the village, showing their works. Visitors can also observe the making of these works. Glass, ceramics, jewellery, instruments and a lot more is being handmade in Poble Espanyol, which thus became a unique shopping centre in Barcelona. The Fran Daurel Museum exhibits almost 300 pieces of the most important Spanish painters, such as Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Tàpies and Barceló. Moreover, the Sculpture garden with its 41 sculptures matches very well the nature around it. Contemporary art thus doesn’t miss out either in Poble Espanyol. You are interested in visiting Poble Espanyol in Barcelona? Find prices and opening hours online. Have a great time in Barcelona!
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