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Barcelona vive México 2013

Reminder for the hightlight on Sunday

barcelona vive mexico 2013 Every year Barcelona celebrates the Mexican “mes patria”. Before 2011 the Independence was celebrated with the “semana de mexico”. In 2011 it was then replaced by the new celebration “Barcelona vive Mexico”. Various events and institutions are included. They take place on different dates at various locations. There are special diners, concerts and film days organized. To get an overview of the whole program go to BcnViveMexico. The peak level of this month is the celebration of the independence day at Sunday, 15/09/2013 from 12:00 o’clock on. The setting of the whole event is the Plaça l’Univers in Montjuïc. There is no fee for participation, so if you are interested in the spectacle, just go there! The important ceremony starts at 8 p.m. To get the detailed program of this day go to the Webpage of the consulate in Barcelona.
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