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Sagrada Familia Christmas market

Fira de Nadal 2013

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If you are heading out and look for Christmas markets in Barcelona already, we can give you a recommendation: the Christmas market at the Sagrada Familia from the 29th November until the 23rd December.

Christmas in Barcelona is bright, full of lights, charming and has a special atmosphere. The most important cultural monument the Sagrada Familia by famous Gaudi is place of a wonderful Christmas market containing around 120 stalls with different decorations, food and hand-made crafts. The sacred basilica is located in the Eixample district, known for its exclusivity, luxurious boutiques and beautiful, pompous buildings.

christmas market barcelona

The “mercado de Navidad”, how it is called in Spanish, begins on Friday the 29th November and ends at the end of December at the 23rd, Monday. The stalls are open daily from 10am until 10 pm. Even Santa Claus is visiting the Christmas market on two Saturdays to collect the children’s’ wish lists. Additionally, he will make a present to the children in form of cookies and balloons. The visit will be on two Saturdays in December, each from 6pm until 8pm. Credit pictures: Flickr Galleries SlapBcn, sun sand & sea, Barcelona.cat

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