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What to do on a romantic trip to Barcelona!

Recommendations for couples

Love is in the air … Hopefully you all experienced this time when you cannot think of something else than your darling. Spending a dreamlike vacation together will make up some good memories for later. We collected some recommendations for a romantic holiday, to make sure you impress your partner. ;-)

So what are you waiting for? Barcelona is the perfect city to float on cloud nine.


The probably most important thing for romantic holidays is the spots you visit during your trip. But what is truly romantic and how can you impress your partner with your planned vacation? Here are some romantic locations you should definitely include in your holiday. Labyrinth d'Horta in BarcelonaParc de Labirint d’Horta: Secret places and nature is always the perfect combination. Distant to typical touristic places you can spend some time in a more private atmosphere with your love. The Labyrinth includes a romantic garden with lovely flowers and a nice waterfall. This park simply invites you to spend a couple of hours in this romantic atmosphere and recover from your stressful daily routine. barcelona tibidaboTibidabo is a must for every couple visiting Barcelona. The amazing view over the entire city will take your partner’s breath away. This spot is a famous 512 meters high mountain above Barcelona. The illuminated church at night is magical and makes you easily feel the love in the air. Not only magical monuments and a romantic atmosphere are included in this spot. Even an old amusement park will inspire your partner. Laughing together and feeling young enriches every relationship. Webpage: http://www.tibidabo.cat Finally, taking some drinks together in a comfortable and romantic atmosphere is a plus for every couple vacation. Therefore, a rooftop bar in Barcelona might be the perfect contribution to your trip – amazing view over Barcelona’s roofs is included. If you are lucky you can watch the sunset together! Click the link above to get the top 5 rooftop bars in Barcelona. (more...)
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