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Barcelona y Flamenco: Where art meets passion

Everybody who loves music and dancing should really not skip the following passages and keep on reading because we would like to introduce you to one of Barcelona’s best and most famous shows: Barcelona y Flamenco. As you've probably already recognized by its name, this project is all about the great art of flamenco. Being established since 2004 Barcelona y Flamenco does now even offer two different productions. First, there is Opera y Flamenco which actually is Barcelona’s most seen flamenco show. Combining the sensual dance and opera there really is a lot an interested audience can enjoy. To sum it up, people can see an intense mixture of high-arts broaching the issue of different love stories presented by fantastic dancers and singers. bcn_barcelonayflamenco As a newer adaption Barcelona y Flamenco came up with another show called Gran Gala Flamenco which is a little more traditional at heart than its successful forerunner. Not having its focused set on telling stories, the Gala is more intended to give an overview of what flamenco actually is, where it came from and what different sides there are to it. Since the passionate dance was already born in the 18th century and does now offer so many different and lovely interpretations this journey worshipping the original dance of gypsy people is nothing else but worth seeing. In addition to great art comes the pleasant fact that both of these shows take place in remarkable locations like the Palau de la Música and the Teatre Poliorama – so even architecturally interested people get their money worth. Everybody who is interested to see one – or both – of these amazing spectaculars by now can buy their tickets easily online. In this sense: “Ay”! :-) bcn_palaudelamusica
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