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Apps, which will make your trip to Barcelona perfect!

You are travelling to Barcelona, but you don’t know the city at all? Which are the most famous and most important sights, where can you find the best Spanish restaurants? Where can you get a good coffee or drink a beer? And what if you get lost in the city, how are you going to find your way back to the hotel? There are a lot of useful apps for Android and iOS which will bring solutions to all of these problems; we will introduce some to you! 1. Barcelona Metro Map: You arrive at your hotel in Barcelona but don’t know how to get to the city centre or to any other place? This app will show you which line of the metro you have to take and how long it will approximately take you until you reach your destination. It works offline – a good feature as you will probably not have internet on the way. Moreover, the app is for free. Attention: the app only serves for the metro in Barcelona! At the airport, there is no metro, so read up on how to get away from the airport before you arrive. metro bcn 2. Spanish English best dictionary: You are in Spain but you don’t speak any word of Spanish? This app may be very useful for you. It translates English to Spanish and the other way around, you can search for words and you can listen to each word being spoken out loud, both languages. Another app, Franklin ViDICTO (English-Spanish Visual Dictionary), works completely offline and offers you the words you need for accurate situations within different categories, e.g. “At the airport”, “In the hotel room” or “Dinner”. You can find pictures with the right term on it and thus easily communicate in Spanish. Both apps are for free. dictionary vidicto 3. Barcelona tripadvisor: The Barcelona tripadvisor app unites everything: it has a city map, knows the best restaurants and hotels and the most famous sights, it can tell you where to go shopping and where nightlife takes place. All of these features can be used offline, which makes the app the perfect match for your trip to Spain – you just need to download the city “Barcelona” having internet in order to make all the features work offline. It’s free of cost. trip advisor 4. City Walks Barcelona: This app tells you which sights you have to see, it offers you different tours, like for example the “Antoni Gaudí Tour”, the “Gothic Quarter” tour, the “Picasso Tour”, “La Barceloneta” tour and many more.  Choosing one tour, the app shows you the corresponding sights (“Antoni Gaudí Tour”: La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera etc.) and clicking on the sight tells you the story about it: when has the Sagrada Familia been built, what is the architecture meant to symbolize? Moreover, it offers a listing of the best specialty shops (porcelain, mosaics, hats, leather etc.), a listing of the best shopping zones and of the best gift and souvenir shops. If you have internet on your phone in Barcelona, the app will localize you with its GPS and guide you to all the sights of the tour you chose – be it all the castles, the beautiful churches or the Raval district. Last but not least, you can also create your own tour. Choose the sights you want to see – the beach, la Sagrada Familia and the Boqueria Market for example – and City Walks Barcelona will guide you there. city walk bcn 5. Barcelona Bus Turístic: If you don’t want to walk much in Barcelona, there is a bus for tourists that brings you to all the sights you want to see. The correspondent app shows you the routes of the touristic bus lines which exist in Barcelona (the blue, the red and the green route) and tells you which line is going to which sights. Moreover, you can click on each sight the bus passes and the app shows you a picture and shortly explains the sight is. This app is for free and works offline. bus turistic With all these apps your trip to Barcelona will be much easier and more organized. We, as Habitat Apartments, wish you a pleasant stay in this wonderful city, enjoy your holidays! And by the way: we also have an app which we would like to offer to you! Next Stop City Guides provides a map of Barcelona and also knows the best places to go, be it sights, bars, restaurants or events! :) It also works offline and is for free, thus you can use it during your whole trip! next stop app
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