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Top 3 unique things to do in Barcelona

You need exciting activities on a city trip? No problem!

We made a list of the top 3 exciting things to do in Barcelona. You shouldn't miss them, if you want to experience Barcelona in a different way!

1. Ice bar Barcelona

barcelona ice bar I have to admit, this crazy activity isn’t that unique anymore, since several tourists already know the true promise of the unique ice bar in Barcelona. However, as this place is simply something totally different, I didn’t want to deprive you of this spot. The ice bar is, as the name indicates, a bar totally made from ice. It’s located at the beach and is open since 2007. Temperatures drop to -5 degrees when you enter the bar. The plus: every guest is provided with a jacket and a glove, so you don’t need to bring your own ;). The style of the bar usually changes within the year, to guarantee a unique feeling every time.

2. Cooking lessons

barcelona cooking lessons2

Barcelona’s cuisine is definitely delicious. For those of you who want to take the taste of Spain home again, cooking classes are the solution. Cook & Taste is located in the centre of the historical city. You are able to take cooking lessons, to learn making tapas, paella and much more! Experts, who know how to cook Spanish, will teach you how to do so. Everything you need is provided. You simply have to reserve your place in a class beforehand. A cooking class can be even booked with a beginning tour to La Boqueria, the famous food and beverage market in Barcelona. There you are thought how to buy the fitting ingredients for your meal.

3. Hot-Air Ballooning

hot air balloon ride over barcelona with ballooning

Who is able to say he saw Barcelona from the air, after returning home? No I don't mean out of the airplaine ;-) Not many tourists are able to! That’s why a hot air balloon ride might be the perfect unique choice for you. Different tours fulfill many wishes, so you are happy to choose from a variety. Of course, the tours aren’t cheap. Prices are for sure above 100€ per person. However, you will memorize this experience for your whole life. This makes it worth paying such prices! Tours can be found on www.ballooning.es

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