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April in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great holiday destination throughout the whole year – so it can’t be considered something else than a good idea to plan a trip to the Catalan capital in the springtime. To make your preparations a bit easier we summed up the Top 4 events hold in Barcelona during the lovely month of April. Easter Processions: Since Spain is basically a Christian country, of course Easter is celebrated. Being known to take their religion quiet serious, the Spanish people worship the feast with a whole week called the “semana santa” (holy week) starting on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Monday. In 2014 this means Easter festivities take place from April 13th to 21st. It may almost be unnecessary to explicitly say so, but since Barcelona is a pretty popular destination for a lot of Europeans during the Easter time, the city will probably be quiet packed again. But that should really not hold you back because in addition to the common attractions Barcelona has to offer, there will be a lot of worth-seeing Easter processions, for example:
  • Iglesia de Sant Augustin: Friday 18th, Placa de Sant Augustin 2, 17.00 pm
  • Santa Maria Del Mar: Friday 18th, Placa de Santa Maria 1, 9.30 am
  • Barcelona Cathedral: Friday 18th, Pla de la Seu, 15.30 pm
bcn_easter3 Barcelona Beer Festival: Everybody who really appreciates a good glass of beer should definitely not miss the Barcelona Beer Festival! This annual event – taking place from April 11th to 13th - always attracts beer fans from all over Catalonia and should therefore be marked red in your calendar if you are a true lover of the famous hop drink. Featuring more than 200 international brewers populating the halls of the Museu Marìtim, visitors can of course taste all different kinds of beers but also get to know more about their favorite refresher from beer experts all around the world. An extra bonus: the entrance is free! bcn_beer_festival Salon del Còmic: The Salon del Còmic is an international comic fair taking annually place in Barcelona and is already entering its 32nd round in 2014. Offering a great range of different comic books, there will probably be the right one to find for everybody. This four-day event takes place from April 15th to 18th at the Fira Montjuic Exhibition Centre (halls 1 and 2) and attracts all kinds of comic fans and friends. Since this fair runs under a different motto every year, the responsible bodies chose “War” for 2014 – so you might want to take out your soldier costume to wear it somewhere else than at the annual carnival party :-) bcn_salon_del_comic Sant Jordi’s Day: Watch out lovebirds, this may be the most romantic day of Barcelona. The Sant Jordi’s Day on April 23rd worships Catalonia’s saint patron Sant Jordi and is therefore not just celebrated in Barcelona but in the whole region. To make a point it can definitely be said that this festivity is the same to Catalan people as Valentine’s Day is to Americans: one romantic, hearty matter. Since the Sant Jordi’s Day is also known as the “day of lovers” or the “day of roses”, you can easily recognize that it’s all about love. Following the legend of Sant Jordi - who is said to have conquered a dragon for a princess and afterwards gave a red rose to her - it is very common to give either roses or books to your beloved ones on this special day. So, buy a pretty bouquet and surprise your sweetheart :-) bcn_sant_jordi
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