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Sitges celebrates 46th Filmfestival

World's Fantasy film festival presents the new form of film creation of 2013

sitges festival Since 1968 Sites gets ready every year for the International Week of Fantasy and Horror Movies. Year by year, more and more movie lovers and audiences are coming to Sitges to discover the new technologies in the world of the film and audiovisual. In this week Catalonia gets the most media impact from all over the world. Also this year for the 46th Film festival Sitges will welcome Top Stars like it did in the past. Quentin Tarentino, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz, Ralph Fiennes and a lot of other stars enjoyed the atmosphere at the Costa Brava. The focus this year will be on the latest works from the filmmakers like Takashi Miike or Johnnie To. Meanwhile new fantastic genre talents will be introduced in 2013. The info for the complete program, the celebrities and the tickets will come up soon. We will inform you! Just save the date, this year the festivals are from the 11 - 20 October.  
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