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Semana Santa – Easter Holidays in Barcelona

Finally spring arrives!

Spring has finally arrived in Spain and easter is coming closer and closer. The weather is great (sun and up to 18 degrees around midday), the trees are showing proudly their shining oranges and the terraces in front of bars and cafés fill up with locals and travellers from all over the world. Huevos de Pascua en cestaDuring the Easter week, which is from 24th of March until 1st of April many celebrations and processions will take place all over the city, since Spain is a catholic country and the "Semana Santa" is very important for them. The "Holy Week"  begins next Sunday, the 24th, which is called "Palm Sunday" and a procession will be held in the area of the Cathedral of Barcelona in the city center, with a parade and people holding palm fronds. Right now you can get the bleached palm fronds everywhere throughout the city center, so get equipped :) (more...)
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