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La Taguara Restaurant in Barcelona

Delicious Arepas in the middle of Born district

La taguara restaurant Barcelona

To talk about La Taguara, an amazing restaurant located in Born, Barcelona, first of all we have to explain what is the meaning of “Arepa”: According with the Wikipedia definition, an arepa is a dish made of ground corn dough or cooked flour, popular in Venezuela and other Spanish-speaking countries. But, if we take the definition from the point of view of those who have tried, we could say that is a fantastic, healthy and unique dish.

La taguara barcelona

La Taguara is a Venezuelan restaurant specialized in arepas with all kinds of ingredients such as chicken, tuna, meat, cheese, avocado etc. The place is really cozy although you have to eat standing. The atmosphere is really cool with good music, colorful mask  and typical Venezuelan decoration.

Our favorites dishes in La Taguara are “La pelúa” (meat and cheese), “reina pepeada”(chicken and avocado, “sifrina” (chicken, yellow cheese and avocado)  y la “Catira”(Chicken and yellow cheese).

La taguara restaurant

The prices are very cheap, the range goes from 2 Euros to 7 Euros. Now you know exactly what an Arepa means, now we are sure you will go to enjoy a delicious one. More Information: Carrer Rec 10, Barrio del Born, Barcelona 08003 Phone:  +34 93 2681572 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 13 to 00 hrs. Facebook page: La Taguara Arepería Carrer Rec, 10, 08003 Barcelona, Spain Mar - Dom:    13:00    -    0:00
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