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Fábrica Moritz

The old brewery Moritz opened to the public as a gastronomic center

Moritz beer in Fabrica Moritz Picture by: Juliana Aristizabal

A few months ago, Next Stop Barcelona discovered a great place to have an excellent moment and hang up with friends, drinking beer and eating traditional tapas from Spain or international cuisine. This place is La Fábrica Moritz (Moritz Factory), the Moritz former brewery, which operated between 1856 and the 70's and nowadays has become a gastronomic, cultural and leisure center. Fábrica Moritz Barcelona (FMB) houses a brewery, which will be manufactured in the eyes of the public, 60 hectoliters of fresh beer fresh unpasteurized. This is amazing, while you wait for your drinks and meals; you have the possibility to have a guided tour around the factory.

hanging up with friends in Fabrica Moritz Picture by: Juliana Aristizabal

This place has and extraordinary atmosphere, dozens of people waiting for a table outside the factory confirmed it. As a suggestion try to arrive at 20 hours, this is the best hour for find a table, but if you don’t want to arrive soon, just wait for your table drinking some beers in the bar. Do not forget to tell the girl with the waiting list that you are already there. The food is good and cheap; ask for the Bomba de la Barceloneta (special potato with meat inside), German sausages with chucrut, sandwich club (awesome)  the typical Patatas Bravas (here are special, maybe one of the best in Barcelona) and for desert crema Catalana or Carrot cake.

Sandwish club in Fabrica Moritz Picture by: Juliana Aristizabal

The waiters are too nice, despite their suites (a little weird), always with a smile and ready to give everyone the best service. Visit this place in your next stop to Barcelona! Moritz, the Beer in Barcelona since 1856

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