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LECHUGA Superpizzas

Try the best pizzas in town!

Today I am NOT going to introduce you to another Tapas restaurant out of the countless ones we have in Barcelona, neither to a Paella restaurant.. no! Today I want to present you one my personal favorites (and of a lot other people here) in Barcelona: LECHUGA superpizzas! Lechuga is located in Carrer dels Escudellers, right in front of the popular “Los Caracoles” restaurant. You can easily get there from Plaza Reial or Las Ramblas.

“Ahh and if you search for the best pizza place in Barcelona, go to Lechuga.. wait, u have a piece of paper and a pen?.. I will write u down the address.. yeah.. there u go and u definitely have to try the goat cheese pizza with honey.. its amazing, u will never forget it”

I don’t know how often I said that since I am living here in Barcelona.

All the pizzas in Lechuga are made with best ingredients and fresh out of the oven! The guys in Lechuga have created awesome toppings, like: bacon and barbecue sauce or goat cheese with honey.. and lately they also had pizza with salmon. Besides that you can get pizza with rocket, pesto, chorizo, different kinds of cheese, spinach, pesto, ham, tuna and so on. They also always have pizzas for vegetarians..with artichokes, courgettes, sweet corn, pepper, mushrooms etc. They also provide bottles with extra barbecue sauce, honey, Tabasco sauce, spicy oil and oil with herbs if you want to pimp your pizza a bit or can’t get enough of the barbecue sauce (like me). The pizza slices are pretty big there and you get one for 2 €. A can of beer, coke etc. or a water is just 1 €. The guys there are really nice and in Lechuga you can really see everybody grabbing a slice of pizza there – from business men in suits to skaterboys.

When you are in Barcelona, do not miss this place! And don’t forget: TRY THE GOAT CHEESE PIZZA WITH HONEY! ;)

By the way..Escudellers is in general a really cool street off of the Ramblas with a lot of nice bars there (f.e.” Ryans” and the “Tequila Bar” with headphones everywhere). At the end of the street you will find the famous Plaza de George Orwell.

LECHUGA superpizzas Carrer dels Escudellers 08002 Barcelona

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