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PIM PAM Burgers in Barcelona

Do you want to try the best and most famous burgers in Barcelona? Come to Pim Pam! 
Pim Pam changed the concept of Fast Food into Fast Good - something far more tasty. 
In Pim Pam they just use top quality fresh ingredients and cook them to delicious original recipes to give you a pleasure for your taste buds you will not forget that easily. 
And not just the mouthwatering burgers are completely fresh here - also the fries. All the burgers are prepared in front of your eyes and you can decide what you want to have on it - lettuce, onions, pickles etc. 
Pim Pam made it already into a lot of newspapers and magazines (it even made it into the spanish fashion magazine "Elle") - have a look here - so it is kind of famous. BUT despite that the prices are reasonable - nothing over the 5,50 € mark and the size of the burgers is really good too.
So, what are you waiting for? We do have two Pim Pam Burgers in Barcelona: one in El Born and one in Bonanova. 
AND.. one thing I HAVE TO mention: They have the original P&W American Style Pommes Frites Sauce, which is to die for!!!
Pim Pam El Born (downtown)
Sabateret, 4 in 08003 Barcelona
open: 13:00 until 00:00, on Fri and Sat until 00:30
Pim Pam Bonanova (uptown)
Bigai, 1 in 08022 Barcelona
open: 13:00 until 00:00, on Fri and Sat until 00:30
Pim Pam on Facebook
credits pics: Pim Pams Facebook page
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