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Vegan Barcelona: Juicy Jones for President

What do we know about the Spanish cuisine? It’s famous for specialties like dry ham, Paella, Crema Catalana, Tortilla and many more. All of those may sound great and pretty heavenly for most people – but what if you just can’t eat all of the above because you abdicated to animal products? Vegans coming to Barcelona could struggle with the fear of not finding ANYTHING to eat except plain salad and fruits, since Spain isn’t exactly known for a lot of vegetable delicates. DON’T WORRY ANYMORE – we found the perfect place for you to enjoy fancy and delicious vegan food! bcn_juicyjones2 “Juicy Jones” is what we are talking about. This amazing location is a vegan restaurant right in the heart of Barcelona offering delicates to die for. On the menu is a great selection of starters, main dishes and desserts: you can for example start with a great hummus dip, afterwards order a lasagna and finish your dinner (or lunch) with a tasty, creamy cheesecake. All completely vegetable and animal-free, all fresh! Don’t miss to accompany your food with one of Juicy Jones’ amazing juices which can be ordered in all different flavors and ingredient combinations. If you have trouble to decide, just go with the “zumo del dìa” that comes to a special price. The colorful restaurant is located just off Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas and therefore makes a great place to have a quick bite while spending a shopping day in the city. The food is amazing, drinks are refreshing, its design is lively and creative and the staff is friendly – sounds quiet perfect, right? :) bcn_juicyjones1 Address:  Calle Hospital 74 Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 10.00 am – 23.00 pm Price: Cheap Our Recommendation: Mexican Burger
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