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Piknic Electronic Barcelona

Lazy Sundays? Forget it!

Piknik Barcelona

For four months (June until September) Barcelona arranges the Piknic Electronic on various Sundays within the time span of 1pm to 10pm. The location of the events is the old amusement Park Montjuïc. The festivals are in collaboration with various companies. Different Djs enrich the day with their music, to make it unforgettable. The event promotes a sustainable environment and cultural values, as bringing together friends and family. The general entrance fee amounts to 11€ per Sunday, but there are other rates available. Tickets are beforehand available online. The upcoming weekend is the next to last PIKNIC on Sunday the 15th. The last chance for you to participate is the 22nd. piknic festival barcelona Following you can see the program for both days: Piknic #14 "20 YEARS OF KOMPAKT" When:  Sep 15 Where: Old amusement park- Montjuïc (Jardins de Joan Brossa) • 13:00 DJ FRAES • 17:00 TERRANOVADE • 19:00 COMA (live)DE • 20:00 MICHAEL MAYERDE Piknic #15 -LA MERCÈ- PIKNIC ELECTRONIK & RICHIE HAWTIN PRESENTS MINUS When:  Sep 22 Where: Old amusement park- Montjuïc (Jardins de Joan Brossa) • RICHIE HAWTINCA • PACO OSUNA ES • MATADOR (live)IE • HOBOCA • BAREMAR • ALFONSOES Only two Sundays left - so hurry up to spend a nice day with family and friends. At the botton you have the exact location of Park Montjuïc.
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