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Yummy Barcelona – 5 foods you NEED to try

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t simply love food? Especially trying something new can be a tasty pleasure – as long as you are making the right choice. To help you find your way through the colorful world of all kinds of foodstuff, we summed up precisely five dishes you need to give a try during your stay in Barcelona to make your trip a complete satisfaction. A quick reminder: yes, Tapas are great - we all know that, so we decided just to skip on these. What you really need to try are Calçots. Never heard of that? Well, you might probably not be the only one not knowing how delicious this specialty can be. Calçots are basically just green onions grilled until they are pretty burned outside. Ordering them you will probably get around 10 – 12 served with salvitxada, a sauce made of almonds, tomatos, garlic, oil and spices you can dip your onions in. To be honest, this does not sound too fancy but indeed is pretty delicious! calçots_bcn It is no great secret that Spain is famous for its love of meat. Since Barcelona does not make a difference there, you won’t be able to ignore all the meaty temptations all over the Catalan capital. One of these is called Jamón Ibérico, a Spanish delicacy of great fame and basically omnipresent. Jamón Ibérico is smoked ham and exists in all different kinds of variations. You can not only buy it at the butcher or the supermarket of course, cut in very fine slices it is also a very popular thing to snack around Barcelona. Whether as a sandwich filling, a salad topping or pure and fried like French fries – people seem not to get enough of their ham. For a reason! jamon_iberico_bcn Less meaty but not less delicious are Patatas Bravas. This typical dish contains boiled potatoes which are cut in small wedges and then deeply fried in hot oil until they are perfectly crispy. You can get these tasty pieces almost everywhere solid food is sold such as cosy restaurants, bars or snack stands. Traditionally they are served with a spicy, tomato-based sauce, but you can also eat them with mayonnaise or just ketchup. Do yourself a favor and skip your French fries at least once to order some Patatas Bravas instead. patatas_bravas_bcn A truly healthy and vegetarian – even vegan - snack is Escalivada. This grilled Catalan salad can be perfectly eaten at a barbecue, as a side or also as a light snack for lunch. Escalivada traditionally is made of eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions which are grilled and mixed with a dressing out of oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper. Especially its smoky taste makes this salad so popular and a lovely alternative to a plain Cesar’s Salad. escalivada_bcn Our list would definitely not be complete without a dessert! For that reason we would like to introduce you to the Crema Catalana. This delicacy is a Catalan pudding made with milk, egg yolks, orange peel, vanilla and cinnamon. Often served in little cups topped with caramelized sugar it is very similar to the French Crème brûlée, but said to be even a littler creamier than its famous sister. If you are looking for something sweet and delicious to finish your menu with, the Crema Catalana should be your choice in any case! crema_catalana_bcn In this sense: Buen provecho :-)
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