Tapas Bars and Restaurants in the Gothic Quarter

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The Barri Gotic, its Catalan name (Gothic Quarter), is no doubt the true heart of the city. In its labyrinth of winding streets and asymmetric squares which goes from the famous Las Ramblas to the sea at ‘Drassanes’ you can find some really good Tapas places and restaurants.. here our recommendations: 4_gats_barcelona
Famous for being one of Picasso’s old watering holes, Els Quatre Gats is a classic that still enjoys the patronage of upper class Barcelona society. Good quality food served by very formal waiting staff in a charming venue, but the history of the place is what sets it apart.
Price: Expensive
Address: Calle Montsió 3 bis (Metro L1- L3, Catalunya)
Telephone: +34 93 302 41 40
Elegant restaurant with a marble and polished wood interior. A good option for those who prefer international food. Oysters are the house speciality.
Price: Medium / Expensive
Address: Calle Ferran 38 (Metro L3, Liceu)
Telephone: +34 93 317 94 07
Large restaurant, with terrace, serving good quality modern mediterranean food at reasonable prices in the centre of the Barrio Gótico. It is not possible to book a table and, in the evening, long queues often form up outside the restaurant.
Price: Medium
Address: Plaça Reial 6 (Metro L3, Liceu)
Telephone: +34 93 317 30 75
Voluminous restaurant whose name means “snails” in Spanish. Unsurprisingly, snails are a speciality, but so also is spit-roasted chicken, slowly turning on the grills in front of you. There is also a full menu of Catalan and Spanish dishes. The Plaza Reial apartments are in the same building as Los Caracoles.
Price: Medium
Address: Calle Escudellers 14 (Metro L3, Liceu)
Telephone: 93 302 31 85
Website: Los Caracoles
Email:loscaracoles@loscaracoles.esCredits Pics: Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3
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