Tapas Bars and Restaurants in Barcelonas El Born

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The El Born Area with its breath-taking Cathedral Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most popular areas in Barcelona and quite cosmopolitan and fashionable. Here are our recommendations for Tapas bars and restaurants in this area.

El Born BarcelonaPASSADIS DEL PEP 
Difficult to find due to its unpretentious entrance but one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in the city, although it is not very cheap - but it's worth the price. 
Price: Very expensive
Address: Pla de Palau, 2 (Metro L4, Barceloneta)
Telephone: +34 93 310 10 21
Website: Passadis del Pep
Email: restaurant@passadis.com

Creative and original dishes prepared from a healthy base of fresh market produce with the emphasis placed on “Glocal”: cooking which fuses local and global elements. Comerç 24 has a reputation for being one of the best place for contemporary food in Barcelona and you can feel it correspondingly in the price.
Price: Expensive
Address: Carrer Comerç 24 (Metro L4, Barceloneta / Jaume I)
Telephone: +34 93 319 21 02
Website: Comerç 24
Trendy restaurant/bar with minimalist decoration offering a cosmopolitan menu with good seasonal specialities.
Price: Low / Medium
Address: Calle Rec 60 (Metro L4, Barceloneta/Jaume I)
Telephone: + 34 93 319 80 22


With more than 150 years of history 7 Portes (“seven doors”) is a mainstay of the restaurant scene in Barcelona. Particularly famous for its Paella dishes. Even so you may find you have to queue for a table on a Friday or Saturday night - but you will see, it's worth it waiting for this Paella.
Price: Medium
Address: Pg. Isabel II 14 (Metro L4, Barceloneta)
Telephone: +34 93 319 30 33; +34 93 319 29 50
Website: 7 Portes
Email: reservas@7portas.com


Traditional Basque restaurant housed in an historic building next to the Santa Maria del Mar church. The Sagardi Group currently comprises tree restaurants in the city (Gothic Quarter, Eixample, Diagonal Mar). Great meat, fish dishes and a good offering of flavourful “Pintxos” (a type of tapa traditional in the Basque country). Good wine list. Reservation is recommended as the restaurant is quite popular.
Price: The restaurant could be expensive but the tapas are reasonably priced
Address: Calle Argenteria 62 (Metro L4, Jaume I)
Telephone: +34 93 319 99 93
Website: Sagardi
Email: bcngotic@sagardi.com


Café de la Princesa is a multi-purpose space where gastronomy, fashion and culture converge. Located at the ground floor of the Princesa apartments building, offers a Mediterranean cousine. For the clients of Habitat Apartments is applied a discount of 10%.
Price: Medium
Address: Calle Sabateret 1-3 / Calle Flassaderes 21 (Metro L4, Jaume I)
Telephone: + 34 93 268 15 18


Housed in beautifully renovated eighteenth-century building and offering traditional, and not-so traditional Catalonian gastronomy.
Price: Medium
Address: Calle Argenteria 37 (Metro L4, Jaume I)
Telephone: +34 93 310 50 94
Website: Senyor Parellada
One of the best places to enjoy quality Basque gastronomy. The speciality is the traditional Basque “Pintxo”, a delicious tapa served on a slice of bread.
Price: Low
Address: Placeta Montcada 1-3 (Metro L4, Jaume I)
Telephone: +34 93 310 22 00
Email: barcelona@euskaletxeak.org

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