Top 3 language schools in Barcelona

Learn Spanish in an intensive way!

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We collected the top 3 language schools for you to learn Spanish in the best way possible! :)


ABC HumboABCHumboldtldt is a language school situated in Barcelona since 1986. It is located in a building with 6 floors with many different facilities and amenities. The school combines two different famous language institutes: abc College and Centro Humboldt Comunicación Intercultural. Participants can find a lounge, a cafeteria and a rooftop terrace as well as many more comfortable amenities. Most classrooms are designed with a TV and natural light to prepare the best possible learning atmosphere.

A standard intensive Spanish course for 2 weeks with 20 lessons per week costs around 320€. The school charges an administrative fee of approximately 32€. Therefore, without accommodation one needs to pay around 350€ for two weeks. You also have the possibility to do an intensive personal course of 800€ per week with 20 hours of work. There are various courses for groups and individuals available. Better check their webpage for further details.


Kingsbrook is a rather young language school from 2001 in the Eixample quarter. According to many reviews the teachers are experienced and friendly and their Kingsbrookteaching methods create a nice learning atmosphere. Additionally, there are leisure activities per week to get to know the other students in a more personal way. Students are offered a library, movie rental, free WiFi and coffee. Additionally, they have access to language learning materials and software. The classrooms are designed with natural light, and some with TV or electronic whiteboard.

The costs for a 2 weeks course in a group with 20 hours per week, amount to 300€ including the administrative fee. Of course there are different courses available, which also combine group and individual classes. Check their webpage for the whole program.

Don Quijote

For more than 25 yeaDon quijoters Don Quijote belongs to the leaders in Spanish language schools. The classes are personalized and of high quality standards. Over 250,000 satisfied students already attended the courses and got a certificate after successfully finishing the classes. The school offers suitable accommodations or host families near to the building to create a comfortable learning area. The group experience in classes helps students to learn efficiently and in a modern way.

With 398€ for two weeks with 20 hours, this Spanish school is the most expensive one in our list. However, the school offers wonderful additional courses like cooking, sports or flamenco. Furthermore, the price is justified by the school’s quality. Their webpage reveals necessary information with brochures and interesting facts about the Spanish culture.

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