Top 5 attractions in Barcelona

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Here is some help if you are wondering, which are the Top 5 things to see in Barcelona. Number 1 - Sagrada Familia Barcelonas is famous for La Sagrada Familia, a huuuuge church built by Antoni Gaudi. They are building on this church now  for more than 120 years and it is still, yes STILL, under construction. 55 % are finished, which include the Nativity Facade and the Passion facade and as well 8 towers (at the end 12 - one for each apostel). You can't really describe this incredible church with word, so you better watch the video :) Metro: Sagrada Familia Price: 13 € adults, 11 € students Number 2 - La Fontana Magica The Magic Fountain makes you feel like in Disneyland. It is located between the MNAC, the Museum of National Art of Catalunya and Plaza España with its "Las Arenas" Shoppingmall and 2 big towers. The Magic Fountain consists first of all, goes without saying" of a looot of water. Apart from that it is illuminated and the colors are changing PLUS there is music as well. Sometimes there is also a music theme, such as Walt Diney movies, Christmas songs, Rock songs, classical music etc. So sit there on the stairs, enjoy a cold spanish beer and watch this great show of water, light and music. Metro: Espanya Price: for free :) Open: in Summer from Thu to Sun from 20:00 until 24:00 (you better don't go before 22:00, otherwise you will still have daylight) Number 3 - Las Ramblas Las Ramblas is more or less the tourist avenue of Barcelona and one of the most famous symbols of the city. They reach from Plaza Catalunya all the way down to the Columbus Statue at the port and Las Ramblas consist of six avenues, each one with a name and its own history: together they form a one kilometer walk around a continuous show of street performers, mimes, jugglers, musicians and sellers, framed by a large number of shops, bars and restaurants. Life on the Ramblas never stops, night and day. The central part of the avenues is pedestrian, always full of tourists attracted by the colorful and lively atmosphere. Metro: Catalunya, Liceu or Drassanes Number 4 - Casa Mila Casa Milà or also known asLa Pedrerais a building on Passeig de Gracia (#92) and was designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. It was built between 1905–1910 and was officially completed in 1912. It is constructed entirely in natural stones, and lacking all the colors and ornamentation design. The UNESCO declared Casa Milà in 1984 as a World Heritage Site (as all teh Gaudi buildings). The building is made open to the public by the Catalunya Caixa Foundation, which manages the various exhibitions and activities and visits to the interior and roof. Metro: Passeig de Gracia or Diagonal Price: 14 € adults, 10 € students Number 5 - Stadium Camp Nou (FC Barcelona) This 5 Star Stadium has been the FC Barcelona stadium since the date of it's inauguration - the 24th of September 1957. With a capacity of 99.354 it is now the biggest stadium in Europe. There is even a chapel in the stadium. Some tours through the stadium are offered. In case you are interested, click here. In case you want to get some tickets for the next Barca match in Camp Nou, clickhere. Metro: Maria Cristina or Collblanc Price Tour: 23 € adults, 17 € students Price Match: starting at 17 €  
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