Torre Agbar – a very special building

You may have seen this really impressive tower of a kind of interesting shape. It is our "Torre Agbar" in Plaza de las Glorias. Its name comes from Castilian Aguas de Barcelona, which is the municipal water company which is a member of Grupo Agbar today. Grupo Agbar is a holding with 220 companies which are in charge of several sectors of the infrastructure of the city. The headquarter of Grupo Agbar is in this tower, which was designed by a French architect, together with b720 Arquitectos from Barcelona. torre_agbar_barcelona The french architect Nouvel was inspired by the natural and organic forms of Gaudis workpieces and as well of the mountains of Montserrat. Many people are wondering what Torre Agbar actually should be? Here the solving: It represents a water fountain that constantly changes its colours. The coloured aluminium sheeting reflects the lights which consist of 40 different colours. A lot of people say that the building looks like a geyser reaching the sky above Barcelona. And in is at the moment the highest building in Barcelona - BUT just until the Sagrada will be finished (one day). Torre Agbar is most impressive at night, when it is illuminated - 4.500 glass panels are changing their color permanently - a great spectacle.

For some special events, there are special illuminations displayed on the tower, for example for New Years Eve or the International Day of Water. The next special lighting will be 9 May for the Europe Day and after that the 5 June for the World Environment Day.

Unfortunately you cannot visit Torre Agbar, just the lobby of the building, where you can find a little exhibition about the history of water treatment in Barcelona. Here some technical data of the tower: 142 m in height 50.500 sqm built area 250.000 kg of steel 56.619 glass sheets 4.500 windows 40 different colours The tower is illuminated in winter every day from 19:00 to 23:00 and in summer (28/3 - 31/10) from 21:00 to 24:00. I highly recommend you to visit the Torre Agbar website. You can see there the inspiration of Gaudis workpieces and Montserrat put together with Torre Agbar, some lighting and a lot of other interesting information.   credits pics: deviajeporcatalunya wikimedia
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