Wok to Walk – healthy fast food in Barcelona

You are in a hurry, don't have enough time to prepare something proper to eat, but you also don't fancy the typical fast food like hamburgers and fries? Try a healthier alternative: Wok to Walk! Wok to Walk is fresh, nutritious, tasty food, which is cooked directly in front of your eyes and after just a couple of minutes it will be served to you. wok_to_walk_ramblas All you have to do is following the simple 3 step menu, which gives you the complete freedom to create your food with the ingredients you like. More than 400 combinations are possible. First you choose the base - rice, different kinds of noodles or vegetables. Then you choose the ingredients you like - mushrooms, chicken, beef, tofu, shrimps, cherry tomatoes, cashews, carrots, spinach and much much more and first of all: everything is completely fresh. Step number 3: you are choosing the sauce you like, for example Teriyaki, Coconut-Curry, Peanut or Sweet and Sour. wok to walk barcelona jaume In the Wok to Walk restaurant you always find fresh and top quality vegetables and meat products - and every single dish is getting cooked directly in front of your eyes - so you see exactly what you get. And another good thing - you get is fast! Wok cooking means quick cooking because the wok is on a very high temperatures, so the ingredients just need a few minutes, which also means that the ingredients keep their natural color, texture, vitamins and nutrients. So this food is fast, but healthy. Wok to Walk opened their first restaurant in 2004 in Amsterdam and became in 2006 a franchise company with now restaurants (open or about to open) in 9 different countries (and not just in Europe) and a lot of different cities, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Valencia, Sofia, Barcelona and London. wok_to_walk_barcelona We are happy to have 3 of the Wok to Walk restaurants in Barcelona. You can find them here: -Carrer de Sant Pau 27, just off of las Ramblas in the neighbourhood "Raval" -Jaume I 7, between Las Ramblas and Via Laietana -Ramblas 95, on the right side of La Boqueria For more information about Wok to Walk and more location, check their homepage! Are you searching for apartments in Barcelona for your stay in the wonderful spanish city? Credits Pics: Homepage Wok to Walk
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